Credo Education is LTI Certified by IMS Global Learning Consortium

We’re proud to announce that Credo Education is now IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) certified, meaning that our platform has achieved the industry-recognized standards for plug-and-play interoperability with your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS). This translates to a no-hassle experience when adopting Credo Education as part of your institution’s strategy to assess and build foundational skills.
IMS Global Certified
IMS Global Learning Consortium is a nonprofit member organization that works with educational institutions, vendors, and government organizations to develop interoperability standards and best practices to maximize the impact new technology can have on learning outcomes.

Credo Education is committed to being a leader in the courseware field and providing higher education institutions with the tools to teach, assess, and report foundational skills like critical thinking and communication. This certification ensures that our platform is designed to make an immediate impact at your school.

Author: Olga Karanikos

Senior Director of Marketing, With a passion for enabling students of all types to access the skills and knowledge needed for success, Olga leads all marketing initiatives for Credo’s reference and education products. She is trilingual and studied International Relations and French Language & Literature at Boston University.