January 7, 2017

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Common Assessment
Success Story

Tarrant County College Uses Credo to Dramatically Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency of Common Assessment

Student Participants in a Gen Ed Common Assessment
Reduction in Faculty Time Required for Evaluating
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Consistent Measurement
Success Story

Erie Community College Uses Credo to Build Consistent Gen Ed Measurement and Instructional Feedback

Increase in Student Participation in Common Assessment
Sub-Skills Measured to Support Instructional Improvement
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Gen Ed Skill Alignment
Success Story

Winston Salem State University Maps Student Learning Outcomes into All Gen Ed Courses with Credo

Gen Ed Courses Aligned to Skills Framework
The time and workload equivalent to
full-time staff members saved through automated skills mapping
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Fulfilling Campus-wide
Assessment Needs


Employability Skills

Effective Instructional


Because of the new accountability standards in higher education, we know that there are a lot of challenges and barriers that create components that have to be looked at outside of traditional approaches to instruction. As a result, we look at things like Credo Education as a way to supplement and enhance what they’re doing in the classroom. The courseware allows faculty, as well as administrators, to be able to garner information and gather data quickly, and be able to look and see where they are and how they want to progress. It makes us a lot more productive and efficient in our area of data assessment and data collection, and being able to make data-driven decisions much more easily and much more conveniently.

Forsyth Tech Community College
Sonya Ricks
Senior Assessment Manager, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Forsyth Tech Community College

“Credo Education has, from the very beginning, taken into consideration how we envision utilizing the software, and they’ve made sure that it’s customized to our needs. You don’t want anything that’s cookie-cutter because every institution is different. Every student is different and you have to take that into consideration. The feedback from students thus far is that they enjoy using the technology that’s embedded currently in our Blackboard shells, and they feel like it definitely reinforces what we’re doing in the classroom. I can track in real-time how the students are doing. That allows me to go back and re-emphasize certain things if I’m seeing weaknesses in real-time.”

Winston-Salem State University
Dr. Stephanie Dance-Barnes
Co-Chair, Department of Biological Science & Associate Professor of Cell & Molecular Biology
Winston-Salem State University

“I think one of the biggest things that higher-ed is facing today that the Credo Education courseware addresses is the engagement that students will have with materials. Our students felt that some of the information was made more clear to them than it had been in places like high school or previous English courses. Part of it is the fact that Credo Education is interactive. They never felt bored or burdened down with a lot of information. We’ve actually seen a population of students come into the library on a more regular level than we’ve had before. We pretty much attribute it directly to them working with the courseware.”

University of New Mexico
Mickey Marsee
Department Chair of Communication and Assessment Coordinator
University of New Mexico in Los Alamos

“Our whole curriculum is based on the notion of repeatability and scalability. You can’t just introduce students to a concept one time and expect them to have it. They need to practice it over and over and over again. Credo Education uses very good teaching and instructional design techniques by introducing the concept, taking students through a lot of practice, and assessing them along the way. That’s the way people learn.”

Winston-Salem State University
Dr. Carolynn Berry
Associate Provost for Assessment, Research and Curriculum
Winston-Salem State University

“Credo Education does a really wonderful job of bridging the gap between classroom and the workplace. Credo’s courseware can add to the employability of students in the sense that it frames all of these more abstract concepts in a way that I think students can connect to their everyday tasks as well as their lifelong learning. These skills are transferable to their workplace.”

Central Piedmont
Mark Coltrain
Assistant Director for Instructional and Research Services
Central Piedmont Community College