November 16, 2016

Our Passion

89% of faculty claim critical thinking to be a primary objective of their instruction and yet only 19% can give a clear explanation of what critical thinking is*

Recognizing that the knowledge economy is rapidly changing the skills required for success in the 21st century, Credo Education is committed to helping academic institutions assess gaps in students’ core critical thinking abilities and providing effective instruction to measurably improve student outcomes and cultivate lifelong learners.

New technologies are driving an exponential increase of information leading to near continuous change and employees must learn at the speed of information, in real time. Highly creative, curious, and independent workers — those with an ability to grasp the bigger picture, ask the right questions, quickly assess and evaluate options and, envision possibilities that escape others — are in increasingly high demand and coveted in the new work world. Business leaders however estimate that fewer than 10-15% of the workforce is currently equipped with such skills. Learn_At_Speed2

How can academic institutions prepare students for success in today’s knowledge economy?

Credo Education assists academic institutions to create real-time learners who see patterns, anticipate upcoming change, and proactively adapt their skills. While employers expect employees to have these foundational skills regardless of major, higher education has not yet shifted course to teach those basic skills for a number of reasons. Facing a multitude of challenges such as accreditation requirements, decreasing retention rates, shrinking funding sources, changing student demographics, and more, institutions often lack the ability to teach foundation skills and to assess their students.

*Paul, R. W., Elder, L., & Bartell, T. (1997). Study of 38 Public Universities and 28 Private Universities to Determine Faculty Emphasis on Critical Thinking in Instruction. California Teacher Preparation for Instruction in Critical Thinking. California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Sacramento, CA, 1997. The Foundation for Critical Thinking, URL: Last accessed Nov. 19, 2016